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Music makes the world go around...

I have always considered myself to be a musician. I decided in middle school later than most kids do that I should be a drummer and join the band. The music teacher was a wild guy, and a little scary, but I still chose to do it. I don't even remember the exact time I chose it, I always remember just wanting to play. I took lessons at the local Mall music shop (When local stores could be in malls) and I loved it.

I went to Largo High School and marched with the at one time legendary Band Of Gold. At the time we were on a slow slide toward normal Band status, but there was enough pride and momentum as well as talent and tradition that we were considered to be a great Marching Band.

The original Band of Gold World Class Gold Medal Winning Instructor was Bob Cotter, and he only worked with us a few times, and at the time, I had no idea who he was. I thought our normal instructors were tough. This man made big men and little girls tremble with fear and pride all at the same time. He knew what to say to whip kids into good band members.

Our instructors were Owens Saylor, Randy Blackburn (Now with Teal Sound), and Jack Starling.

I found this site of my friend and one time line captain Tim Humlicek. Every time I hear a sound check, I still think.. "Check... Check... Humlicek." weird.

After High School, I decided that I would forgo any more organized playing during university. But when I lived in Lakeland, Florida with my wife, I worked with Phil Wharton at Lake Gibson High School and their drum line for 3 years. I really enjoyed teaching the kids then.